Drupal 7 - multi-lingual front page node

Drupal 7's internationalization modules seem to work great, with only one small problem ....

Everything is working fine except your front page steadfastly refuses to be in more than one language.

If you want to use a node as your front page (rather than a content feed), and you want to be able to switch languages for that home page node, then you need a couple of tweaks.  This was also an issue with Drupal 6 and there are lots of cries for help and fixes out there for Drupal 6. 

Getting Paid

Ever noticed how however happy the customer, that smile turns upside down when the final bill comes through? For some reason people seem to have a problem with paying web developers - even big companies who should know better. The simpler you make the content management system (more work for you, less work for them) the less they seem to appreciate it - after all it seems so straight forward obviously it can't have taken long to produce. Here are some tips to ensure you are paid for your hard work.

What is a CMS?

CMS - Content Management System

Here in 'web developer world' it can be easy to forget – useful acronyms for us can be just unhelpful jargon in the real world. So let's talk about what a CMS is and how they can help people in the real world.