Block not appearing on Block Layout page

I create a block programmaticaly in Drupal 8, then I went to the Block Layout page, expectiong that my block will apear on the page, at the bottom, in the disable section. This was a behaviour in Drupal 7, but not so in Drupal 8. To see and add your block to the regon, you must click on the 'Place block" button, of the desired region. If you did all your coding corectly you will see your block appearing in the modal, with all other available blocks. 

Taking Drupal 8 for a spin

Today I finally decided to take Drupal 8 for a spin as it is in beta 15 phase - so it must be getting closer. Also, it has just been announced that there will be an upgrade path between beta versions from now on: beta-to-beta-updates.  Surprisingly the install of Drupal 8 was almost identical to installing Drupal 7.

I use "Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca" which comes with PHP 5.5.9, which is a Drupal 8 minimum requirement.

First I created the database and configured my local apache vhost.

Then, in the command line, I downloaded the tarball:



The Power of Drush - for beginners

Normally I'm not a command line kind of gal, I can use it but prefer clicking on brightly coloured buttons, dragging and dropping and generally living in the 21st century. For Drush I make an exception, beyond straight forward and each line is supercharged, it's definitely the way to go for both site creation and module / theme installation (creating your sub-themes too). Drush is more than just a tool - it's a powertool!